Saturday, April 7, 2012

Preview of my week in New York via instagram
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We took a late night flight to the city. There was an adorable little boy sitting in front of us who kept talking and staring at us throughout the flight (right) and a lonely red balloon at the baggage claim at one a.m. in the morning (left)

Day One

This day was our designated "shop 'til you drop" day. The two top left photos were taken at a new Free People store, all of the stores we visited had beautiful decorations. Afterwards we had a picnic in central park and left some crumbs behind for the local wildlife. After more shopping we finally stopped to eat our overpriced m&m's at times square. After watching You've Got Mail we took a walk to Washington Square park which was only a couple of blocks away from our apartment
Day Two

After some more shopping and walking around the city we had dinner at a Gluten free Chinese place and then headed out to see How to Succeed at Business Without Really Trying. Even though it was lacking Daniel Radcliff or Darren Criss, Nick Jonas was pretty decent and the show itself was hilarious. The best surprise of all was finding out that Michael Urie from Ugly Betty had a lead role.
Day Three

We started off the morning with Jamba Juice and picking up more groceries (mostly just hummus) from Whole Foods, two shops we don't have back home but love. Afterwards we headed out to the Bronx to visit the zoo. My personal favorites were the leopard and the gorillas. One of the gorillas actually came up to the window and waved at us. After leaving the zoo we stopped at the beautiful campus of Fordham University which my friend might end up going to. We ate dinner in Little Italy, hearing most of the restaurant speak in Italian only reinforced my desire to learn it and live in Florence. 
Day Four

First thing in the morning we went to visit the new 9/11 memorial. It was well worth the wait to get through security to be able to see the stunningly beautiful and touching pools. The photo on the left is of the new World Trade Center with the "Survivor Tree" in the corner. We left the memorial and after stopping for a coffee and lunch break walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. This was one of my favorite things to do, seeing the skyline was breathtaking.  
Day Five

Day five was by far my favorite day, I think it was the first day that I felt like I belonged to the city, not just visiting it. We first went to the NYU admitted students day which only made me want to attend even more as it is already my top choice school. The two photos on the top left were taken from inside one of the buildings, all of the rooms had amazing views of the entire city and I loved the building on the top left that had an entire garden on their rooftop, it looked like paradise. After lunch we decided we would go to Cafe Lalo which was featured in the movie You've Got Mail. We had delicious iced coffees and the cafe was so cute and perfect. We then took a relaxing walk in riverside park. I love that being in a city makes going to parks and incredibly special experience, something I've always taken for granted. On the way home we picked up some yummy chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery only a block away from our apartment, one of the best cookies I've ever tasted. 
I'll be uploading a massive amount of film photos in the future when I get around to developing them! 

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