Friday, February 24, 2012

Abigail T.

"The girl with the scar"

Originally the face makeup was intended to come off as more whimsical, like branches, but it ended up looking more like a scar thanks to my mediocre art skills, so we went with it . 

Model : Abigail T. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Film

Alex P. 

Alex P. 

Alex P. 

Karsten R. 
Claire W. 

Grace B. 


Toni at Sparrows

Film from Maui : 

Aspen H. and Raven G. 

Aspen H. 

Aspen H. and Raven G. 

Aspen H. and Raven G. 

Aspen H. 

Raven G. 

Raven G. 

Raven G. 

Christmas in Maui 

Morning tea

Family cactus

Homemade wreaths

Baby bunnies

New Years 
Road to Haleakala crater

French hitchhikers 


mon frère

Charles, the brother

Shoot with Raven G. and Makena Gadient

Shoot with Kyla G. and Sean J.